I get email asking many of the same questions. Here are answers to the most common questions I’m asked.

Can you get me a writing job?

No. However, DWS success has many articles on how to get hired as a writer and if you subscribe to the weekly newsletter you’ll get writing job announcements. Although I’d love to be able to help people individually, writing jobs aren’t something that can be handed out. I can point you toward resources, but it’s up to you submit an application that gets you hired.

Can you read my blog/article/book?

No. Unfortunately, I don’t have the time to read everyone’s work. In fact, I barely have enough time to do my own writing. However, there are critique and writing groups that can be helpful. Here are tips for getting and giving critiques.

Can you set up my blog?

I can, but for a fee. Instead, subscribe to the newsletter to receive a free guide to setting up a WordPress blog. Or, if you still need help, contact me and I’ll let you know my fees.

Can you get me an agent or publisher?

No. Like getting a job or selling an article, getting an agent is something only you can do. However, you’ll find articles on how to pitch your writing and in the weekly newsletter I provide publishing resources.

Can you explain to me what _________ (insert writing term) means?

Maybe. Check out this list of common writing terms and phrases. It’s not complete, but you find the ones I find thrown around the most.